Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) Pricing


$1.00 per Amazon unit.
(multi-packs are considered one unit)

Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM) Pricing

Product size tier  Packing Fee Unit weight* Longest side Median side Shortest side Length + girth
Small standard-size $1.75 16 oz 15 inches 12 inches 0.75 inch n/a
Large standard-size $2.25 20 lb 18 inches 14 inches 8 inches n/a
Small oversize $2.75 70 lb 60 inches 30 inches n/a 130 inches
Medium oversize Request Quote 150 lb 108 inches n/a n/a 130 inches
Large oversize Request Quote 150 lb 108 inches n/a n/a 165 inches
Special oversize Request Quote Over 150 lb Over 108 inches n/a n/a Over 165 inche

This does not include the shipping cost to the end-customer. Only our pick & pack fee with appropriate packing materials and box.

Reverse Logistics


$1.00 per Amazon unit.
(plus the current FBA pricing for sending back to Amazon).


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