Oh Hey OA Terms & Conditions

OHOA requires a onetime account set up fee of $100 followed by a monthly subscription fee of $25. The account set up fee is due upon sign up and the monthly subscription fee will recur monthly. The subscription fee will be charged regardless of the number of units processed by Oh, Hey! OA (OHOA) in each month.

In order to process shipments efficiently, OHOA will require Amazon user permissions for the Manage FBA Shipments portion of your Seller Central Account. This allows OHOA to access the inventory page in order to label and ship orders to Amazon.

Our turnaround time is typically 48 Hours or two business days. Longer packing times may occur during high volume periods or very large or labor-intensive shipments. Packing will not begin until all Items in a work order are delivered to OHOA. Work orders may be altered in the event of unforeseen circumstances in shipping.

All damaged items will be destroyed after 30 days if you do not advise us what to do with the inventory via email.

Any inventory in Storage will be destroyed after 3 consecutive months of storage fees non-payment.

Storage is free for the first 7 days. After that, storage is 10 cents per item per week. Storage is prorated and begins the day following delivery to the OHOA facility. The Day of deliver will be termed Day 0, the next day is Day 1. Storage fees will be incurred at the beginning of Day 8.  Storage for extra items or items that need to be returned for any reason will begin as above, the day following delivery (Day 1).

Any removals from Amazon that do not have your name on them will be destroyed. OHOA must be notified of returns to the OHOA facility via the RMA Request Form on the OHOA website. Storage for Removals are NOT eligible for the free 7 day of storage and will begin to incur fees on Day 1.

We will provide our fee reimbursements to you for products that have been mislabeled by OHOA. We require that the products are sent back to OHOA and we will provide pictures to you of mislabeled items. On the occasion that the items are not mislabeled, and Amazon is at fault, OHOA will not provide fee reimbursements.

OHOA reserves the right to retain inventory for unpaid invoices.

OHOA will not disclose any supplier, personal, or business information belonging to you, the client, to any outside, third-party.

There is no minimum work order quantity. We will process any size order.