Online Arbitrage.

Your first shipment is free.

Oh, Hey! OA! Benefits


Free Shipment

Your first shipment (up to 50 units) is free. Try us with no risk.

Free 90-day Storage

Storage is free for the first 90 days when you use our services.

24-hour turnaround

Your shipment will be shipped to Amazon within 24 hours of us receiving.

We buy unsellable products

If you cannot sell your products, we will buy them from you.*

No multi-pack fee

We charge a flat-rate per Amazon unit, even if it’s a 12-pack.

No material fee

We don’t charge you for polybags, boxes, bubble wrap, or for labels.

Free Shipment Creation

We will create the shipment for you at no additional cost.

Free vendor returns

If an item comes damaged, we will send it back to the vendor for free.

Free pictures of damaged products

We will take pictures of any damages for you for free.


We will put all the needed labels on your products.


Upon arrival, we will make sure nothing is damaged

Inventory Count

We will count your inventory when it arrives to make sure you weren’t shorted.

All of the above benefits for $1.50 per unit.

Contact us for any questions you have

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not yet convinced? Here are the answers to our most common questions.

Do you charge a monthly fee?

We do NOT charge a monthly fee, or a set-up fee. Just the per unit fee.

How many units do I have to send every month?

We do not have any unit requirements. You can send as little or as much as you like.

What are the storage charges?

The first 90 days of storage for each unit is completely free. After the first 90 days, we charge a flat-rate storage of $0.10 per week per unit that is at our warehouse. Since we do not know if these items will be bundled, we charge for each physical item at our warehouse.

Is there a minimum shipment size?

No, we do not have a minimum shipment size. You can send as little as 1 unit.

What are the "exceptions" for the flat rate price?

No exceptions. Each unit is $1.50.

    Can you handle my special requests?

    Yes, we definitely can. Simply send us a message below and give us some details. We will respond as quickly as we can.

    Does Oh, Hey! OA! accept new sellers?

    Yes, we sure do. If you’ve been selling on Amazon for 3 years or 3 days, we can help you.

    How hard is to cancel services?

    As an on-demand service, we don’t require any type of contract for you to be a client. Cancelling is as easy as not sending us any inventory.